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The bold and beautiful Fleetwood earring combines hand-cut, recycled bike tire wrapped around a delicate, dangling mix of locally sourced pheasant, duck and rooster feathers. Light in weight and measures approximately 4 inches in length. A perfect statement earring for your next music festival or night out on the town!  P.S. I wore this earring on my wedding day!!

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Sizing Charts

WhatVest Sizing Chart:

The sizing of our vests has changed since our 2018-19 production which ran on the smaller size.  Our 2019-2020 WhatVests have been resized and are larger than our vests from last year. Please refer to the proper sizing chart relative to the vest you are purchasing (ie 2018-2019 versus 2019-2020). If you are on the cusp in sizing we recommend going up in size.  

2019-2020 WhatVest Sizing Chart:


Extra Small 5' - 5'5" / 100lbs - 145lbs

5'3" - 5'10" /  120lbs - 190lbs


5'9 - 6'4"  /  160lbs - 230lbs


2018-2019 WhatVest Sizing Chart:


Small/Medium 5' - 5'5" / 100lbs - 145lbs

5'3" - 5'10" /  120lbs - 175lbs


5'9 - 6'2"  /  150lbs - 190lbs


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River Skirt Sizing Chart:

2 22-26" 30-34"
4 26-28" 32-36"
6 26-30" 34-38"
8 27-32" 36-40"
10 28-34" 38-42"
12 29-36" 40-44"