Our Team

Nadia Burton, Owner & Designer

Nadia was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado surrounded by art-- painting, sewing, sculpture and jewelry making, but sports dominated her youth. After playing collegiate soccer at University of Colorado at Boulder she went on to ski professionally throughout her twenties based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 2010 Nadia returned to academia to attain a graduate degree in environmental sustainability and found time again to reconnect with her love for art and design. After honing her fiber arts, metal arts, and graphic design skills she found a market for her goods and started Big Hollow Designs officially in 2015. When not in her studio designing apparel or jewelry, Nadia and Josh travel the country selling their goods, skiing and floating rivers.

Josh Burton, Owner & Designer

Popping out of the womb wearing a PFD, Josh Burton was born and raised on the river. Both parents were raft guides based on the Nantahala River in Western North Carolina where Josh learned every water sport available and too has become a renowned river guide around the country. Also a crafty one, Josh puts his skills to use making belt buckles and jewelry from old skis, making hats using secret techniques and vintage ties, designing vests, jewelry stands and so much more.

Jamie Lindsey, Assistant Jewelry & Apparel Designer

Jamie is a native to Laramie, Wyoming. She was raised with a profound appreciate for creative expression coupled with a love for the outdoors. Her intrigue in music and theater began at an early age, guiding her studies in theater and film to Los Angeles after high school. Eventually transitioning her focus from preforming arts to visual arts, she returned to the Great Plains and completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Wyoming with emphasis in photography, sculpture, and apparel design. After graduation, Big Hollow Designs became the perfect home for her married interests in apparel design and love for the mountains. In addition to creative development and outdoor recreation, she can be found enjoying the magical music scene of Red Rocks, traveling for festivals, supporting her Chicago Blackhawks, and enjoying every possible moment with her two kitties, Paisley and Baya. 

Sizing Charts

WhatVest Sizing Chart:

The sizing of our vests has changed since our 2018-19 production which ran on the smaller size.  Our 2019-2020 WhatVests have been resized and are larger than our vests from last year. Please refer to the proper sizing chart relative to the vest you are purchasing (ie 2018-2019 versus 2019-2020). If you are on the cusp in sizing we recommend going up in size.  

2019-2020 WhatVest Sizing Chart:


Extra Small 5' - 5'5" / 100lbs - 145lbs

5'3" - 5'10" /  120lbs - 190lbs


5'9 - 6'4"  /  160lbs - 230lbs


2018-2019 WhatVest Sizing Chart:


Small/Medium 5' - 5'5" / 100lbs - 145lbs

5'3" - 5'10" /  120lbs - 175lbs


5'9 - 6'2"  /  150lbs - 190lbs


WhatVest Specs:

WhatVest Care Instructions:

River Skirt Sizing Chart:

2 22-26" 30-34"
4 26-28" 32-36"
6 26-30" 34-38"
8 27-32" 36-40"
10 28-34" 38-42"
12 29-36" 40-44"